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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Detroit Gets Labor Day Visit from Pres. Obama

| On 06, Sep 2011

President Obama took time out on Labor Day to pay some homage to the real “laborers” in this country, the working and middle class.

What better place than to these almost-mythical and forgotten people than Detroit, Michigan? The city is home to a resurgent auto industry that is very union-friendly and strongly Democratic. It was a perfect place for the president to make a holiday speech full of standard Democratic and working-class talking points. He is set to unveil his jobs plan on Thursday before a joint session of Congress.

The president gave a brief peek at his jobs speech later this week. He alluded to the one million unemployed construction workers and the great need for U.S. infrastructure rebuilding. Could there be a stimulus of sorts to get this sector working again? I guess we’ll have to wait until Thursday night to see it.

Obama also pointed out the importance of unions and how they have allowed American workers to enjoy many economic benefits over the years. I respect that, but I don’t always think that the deals the president has made have taken those sacrifices into account. However, he needs to help get this constituency back to work – quick, fast, and in a hurry!

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What did you think of the president’s pep rally speech now that he’s finally investing some real energy in the jobs crisis? Is this effort too little too late with so many people unemployed for so long?

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