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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Did Glen Rice “Dust Off” Sarah Palin Back in the Day?

| On 18, Sep 2011

Former NBA player Glen Rice is rumored to have "pressed that pillow" with Sarah Palin back in 1987.

Nothing good can come from a gossipy and innuendo-laden tell-all book about political figures.

Well, almost nothing.

Author Joe McGinniss has filled his promise to write his book on Sarah Palin. In The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, he says some pretty eyebrow-raising and unnecessary things about the former Alaska governor. We reported last year that McGinniss rented the home next door to the Palins in Wasilla, Alaska for a time as he wrote the book.

One of the funniest points was Palin’s rumored affair with former University of Michigan star Glen Rice, who would later play in the NBA. McGinniss claims that Rice confirmed the tryst with him, saying the one-night stand happened in 1987. Rice was visiting Alaska at the time for a basketball tournament. A few months later the former Sarah Heath would elope with her husband Todd and get preggy with their first child.

So, did Sarah let Glen hit that?

Palin won’t comment on any aspect of the book. Rice refers to Palin as a “sweetheart” and “respectful.” There’s lots of cloudy non-admission going on here. LOL!

Who really cares though? Sarah may have had the cobwebs blown off of her by Glen Rice one night as a single woman. Are they gonna lock her up now?!

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