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Prune Juice Media | April 20, 2014

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Discussion – Mississippi Teens Charged With Racial Killing

| On 09, Aug 2011

Last night, I watched the above video from CNN in horror and disbelief. It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the details of this crime.

James Craig Anderson, 49, a black man from Jackson, MS, met an unfortunate death on June 26 when he was beaten by white teens from neighboring Rankin County. It wasn’t the multiple beatings that took him out. After the senseless crime, one of the alleged perpetrators, 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon, Jr., ran over Anderson with a Ford F-250 truck and drove off. Anderson was killed instantly.

The entire incident was captured on a hotel security camera. As far as authorities know, Dedmon and his friends sought to mess with a black person that night. In the end, Dedmon allegedly bragged, “I ran over that nigger..” when he and his friends ate together later in the evening.

The crime was beyond cowardly. But, I was taken aback even more that someone so young would be involved in a racially-motivated incident eerily similar to those in Mississippi’s past.

Make sure you watch the six-minute video in full to gather the details about what happened in the crime. (Warning: Anderson’s hit-and-run death is shown in the clip).

**I want you to discuss this in the comment section below.**

  • Are you surprised that a crime of this nature is still happening in 2011 and in Mississippi of all places?
  • How do you even begin to have a conversation about solutions when obvious racial issues have not been addressed in people so young?

I look forward to your comments and thoughts.


  1. atkinsoniv

    Anything to say about these links or are we gonna be hypocritical here? I want you yo prove me wrong but I’m placing my bet on the latter.

  2. Taps

    I just read another story that stated these teens may be connected to several other attacks against homeless black men.

    • If that is true, then it becomes even more of a travesty of justice. My heart goes out to the man that was killed by these heartless teens.

  3. Name (required)

    Do not be misled. This is not just Mississippi, this is a disease that ravages all of America.

    It is not just the action, but also the mindset. Many White Americans have this racial and intolerant mindset.

    If America ever dies as a nation, it will take with it to the grave this mindset as it will not be changed by men.

    I work in Washington DC for a large Federal agency and I tell you that African Americans are not respected and I see every day how we are subtly portrayed to the rest of the world.

    African Americans are not portrayed by our government to other governments as good examples of what Americans are.

    I worked and lived in an Asian country and Asian co-workers in that country even told me why Blacks will never be taken seriously. reason: Because of the successful way the US government and White Americans portray us.

    An Asian youth in that country called me the N-Word and it did not sound right coming out of his mouth. So I asked him why. He said “Farang” (which means White man) taught him.

    There is a subtle and very active campaign using ordinary US, German, UK and other citizens to enter into Asian countries to teach those foreign nationals the same bigoted and racial attitudes many Whites have here.

    It is so bad in this Asian country that parents do not allow Blacks to teach their children. We are viewed inferior to Whites.

    Guess who taught them that?

    In the USA, the media has been largely successful in portraying us as “emotional” highly strung, violent, and unintelligent persons. Especially dark-skinned African Americans.

    Most commercials and TV programs that have African Americans in them are mostly light-skinned (near White-looking) persons.

    Now when I learn of how this Black Brother was brutally murdered, why should I open up and fully trust White people. They are too flaky and you never know who you are dealing with.

    Yet, they have the nerve to tell us that WE are overly using the race card. That is BULLSH-T. This stuff happens.

    And I guarantee you this: The media will NOT spin this story as much as a White girl who is missing or murdered. This story will be forgotten by the media.

    OK Nancy Grace on CNN and Bill O’Reilly in Fox News, lets hear you. Are you outraged? I think not.

  4. atkinsoniv

    @Name (required) lol. The white man doesn't have to conspire to make black people look bad when you do such an exceptional job of it with the culture (lack of) that is portrayed in rap music and imitated in the youth. There is a state representative in Montgomery, Alabama that wants to pass a law to make black people pull their pants up. By the way, he's black.

    You say that black people aren't respected in D.C.? Give me some statistics on crime there and what percentage of them are committed by blacks.

    Your story about the Asian youth is questionable. It's more likely that the kid learned the word from some rap music than a white man. But that wouldn't fit in with the global white conspiracy against the black man.

    I doubt that you would accept that any of these views might have any validity but look at the violence in the African nations run by black people. Is that a white media conspiracy falsely reported to make the black man look bad?

    Hopefully your job in the federal government will be eliminated because I hate to think that any of my tax dollars go into the pocket of such a racist as yourself.

  5. YBL

    Mississippi has never changed, is home to some of the highest levels of unemployment, joblessness, low education levels etc…really hasn’t changed much since the reconstruction era. I supposed to be enraged? The Civil Rights Act was just passed 40 some odd years ago……they ain’t new to this, they are true to this….

  6. atkinsoniv

    I’ll touch this subject. It is atrocious that this is still happening. But I’m not surprised by it, especially in Mississippi. I’ve spent time in little burgs like Tallahachie, MS and there is still extreme racism. Though it is horrific, I think some of this may have been exacerbated by what they ignorantly view as a black man ruining this nation. I don’t agree with it but I do have the ability to step out of myself and try to see it from their small, hypocritical world.

    The fact is that this kind of racism doesn’t go one way. You can find the reverse situation in places like Atlanta, Chicago or DC. This stuff happens everyday. It may take awhile for it to go away, but it eventually will. If we could get parents to stop teaching racial supremacy or that they must strive to be better than another race, we could speed up this process. However, simply addressing this issue will not do anything.

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