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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Donald Trump and His Wiggy Could Be Your New President

| On 11, Feb 2011

Could this be your next President of the United States? Just because of that wiggy, let's hope NOT!

Donald Trump is at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week in Washington, D.C., speaking out on politics and current events. It’s a bit of a subject change from his usual topics of real estate, money, and the new season of Celebrity Apprentice.

The Donald spoke to the annual Republican gathering that’s somewhat of a test-ground for those considering a shot at the White House. It’s all about positioning and posturing and Mr. Trump was right at home.

See, Trump may be throwing around the idea to run for president (again). Do I think it’s really gonna happen? No. But, it makes for good theatrics.

Trump tried to run as a Reform Party candidate back in 2000, but of course, that didn’t work. His politics are all over the damn place. He leans Republican, but donated to Dems at the end of 2010. A gay Republican group, GOProud, invited him to CPAC, even though they were boycotted by conservatives. He is no fan of either Bush presidency. He wants to repeal health care and lower taxes (heard that before). He wants to tax the shit out of China, but we owe them over one trillion dollars.

His platforms seems to be a hodge-podge of any ole’ thing, but that’s what makes The Donald special.

My advice is that he stay in his lane of making money and handling real estate and TV shows. That’s where he excels. The White House is not the place where you can just yell out “You’re Fired” whenever you feel like it. lol…

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