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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Donald Trump Questions President Obama’s Education

| On 26, Apr 2011

Instead of questioning the president's education, let's ask why the hell Donald Trump's hair still looks a hot ass mess.

I have kept relatively quiet after Donald Trump first tossed around the idea of running for president next year. The initial idea was ludicrous. After a barrage of media opportunities, Trump proved to the American people that he and his ideas were off base.

However, the man with the shitty comb-over has finally pissed me off.

Trump’s latest attack is against President Obama’s ability to get into TWO Ivy League universities after being (what Trump describes as) a “terrible student.” Donald has not provided a stitch of information to prove this claim. Again, he provides more baseless arguments against the president by questioning his basic legitimacy at every turn.

Let me say this. Without mentioning the president’s ethnicity, Donald would also NEVER question the legitimacy or basic educational achievements of a Republican candidate or president. He never asked to see President Bush’s transcripts or argued why he got into Yale as a legacy student. He hasn’t drilled into any of the Republican frontrunners and asked to see their 3rd grade spelling bee results, first diapers, or their umbilical cords.

President Obama transferred to Columbia University in 1981 after completing two years at Occidental College. He was later admitted to Harvard Law School where he graduated magna cum laude in 1991 and was president of the Harvard Law Review. These are no small educational feats. Barack Obama didn’t go to the grocery store one day and happen to find Ivy League degrees on sale two-for-one!

Has Trump questioned the academic integrity of Columbia or Harvard as institutions? Never! He wouldn’t dream of attacking their legitimacy because it’s the same class of school his children Don Jr. and Ivanka attended. Both are graduates of the University of Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump needs to wake up and face reality. Sad attempts at devaluing the core upbringing of the president are only making Trump look worse. He needs to have a damn seat immediately!

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