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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Donald Trump Talks With CNN About Obama’s Birther Issues

| On 11, Apr 2011

Here we go with this Donald Trump mess again.

The host of Celebrity Apprentice and potential presidential candidate (in his mind) is doing what he does best. He is keeping drama alive and people talking about nothing.

Trump appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley this past Sunday to talk about his ambitions to be the next leader of the free world in 2012. [insert eyeroll] He spent a good deal of time focusing heavily on whether President Obama was born in the United States or not. He claims that Obama did not show an “official” birth certificate, but rather a Certification of Live Birth, as verification.

The Donald is doing whatever he has to in order to discredit President Obama. The part that’s even more sad is that in the midst of this confusion, Trump will still NEVER win the presidency. The more he speaks, the more his “candidacy” is a joke.

Remember people .. this is the same man who fired Mark McGrath (an excellent project manager) and let Gary Busey (the definition of piss poor) stay last night on Celebrity Apprentice. Trump is all about ratings and money!

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