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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Drunk Driving Arrest for Pres. Obama’s Uncle

| On 30, Aug 2011

Let's hope that Pres. Obama's uncle, Onyango, was still under the influence when this mugshot was snapped. He is looking ROUGH!

A bit of scandal hit the extended Obama family last week.

An uncle of the president, Onyango Obama, was arrested in Framingham, Massachusetts on August 24 for failing a field sobriety test. The elder Mr. Obama claims he drank two beers prior to driving.

Obama was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, failure to yield, and operating a motor vehicle to endanger, according to the Framingham Police Department. Officers were aware of the conduct after watching him fail to make a proper stop at a local intersection.

In addition to drunk driving, Mr. Obama was also in the United States illegally and had been previously ordered to leave.

Onyango Obama is the half-brother of President Obama’s father.

I know that no family is perfect, but there are a lot of side-eyes to go around for this incident. He was in the U.S. illegally AND drunk driving? Was he thinking at all? He has to know that there is increased scrutiny on his family simply because of his last name.

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