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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Ed Rollins Slanders Michele Bachmann After Quitting Her Campaign

| On 18, Oct 2011

Ed Rollins is one of those older people that's just going to tell you like it is. Michele Bachmann found that out recently. lol... (AP Photo)

Candidates beware! Ed Rollins may have the experience necessary to steer the ship of your campaign. Just don’t piss him off or fire him because he is a vengeful sonofabitch when he is crossed.

Michele Bachmann is the latest victim of the Rollins ‘Mack truck’ of negative publicity. He stepped down as her campaign manager recently only to leave a few choice comments with the media.

Rollins claims that Bachmann’s campaign is going to die out after the Iowa caucuses because of money issues. He added that if for some reason she can win in the state, then she might have another chance.

That’s not exactly the type of ringing endorsement I would expect from someone who was just RUNNING her campaign. But, Rollins is telling the truth. From my outsiders perspective, it is clear that Bachmann hit two snags in the past two months — the entrance of Rick Perry in the race and the unexpected rise of Herman Cain.

Bachmann also hasn’t blown her debate performances out of the water with new, fresh ideas. Fortunately, she did maintain a strong debate presence against her opponents.

One of the few things Bachmann had to say about the Rollins rant was, “I guess I should have done that Google search,” when it was noted that he has blasted other former employers after leaving them as well.

The comments from Rollins, though funny, could be the dose of reality that Mi-Mi needs. When people in your own camp are eloquently saying that you’re NOT the shit, then you need to have an heart-to-heart with yourself. 

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