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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Egyptian President Says He Won’t Seek ‘Re-Election’

| On 01, Feb 2011

If Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak knows what is BEST for him, he'd start heading for the exits immediately. The people don't want him NO MORE!

That headline contains its fair share of sarcasm.

Unless you’ve been allergic to all forms of media, then you are well aware of the uprising of the people of Egypt against their dictator/president, Hosni Mubarak. For the past week, the country has been rocked by massive protests, riots, and demonstrations by the Egyptian people doing anything they can in the name of more freedom.

The global pressure has mounted on Mubarak who already gets a serious national side-eye from his own people. At first, he didn’t really acknowledge the uprising (at least not publicly). Then when the Egyptians starting burning shit down, wreaking havoc, and calling for an overthrow of his government, he kinda got the hint. He then reshuffled his Cabinet. But, alas, that was not enough…

Today, Mubarak announced that he will NOT seek “re-election.” ::crickets::

That’s like your mom saying, “I’m choosing not to be your parent next year. Thanks for the great times!”

Just like you had no say in who your parents are, the Egyptian people probably had no more say in “electing” Mubarak. It is a great first step that he is not seeking office anymore. But, the Egyptian people actually want his ass O-U-T of the country now (i.e., first thing smoking toward the exit). President Obama finally spoke up today in support of the Egyptian people urging Mubarak to leave long before the September elections.

You have to give a MAJOR hat-tip to the Egyptian people for their brave show of force toward democracy over the past week. They aren’t finished, but this is a major obstacle cleared for them.

Keep up the good work, Egyptians….

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