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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Ex-Bush Staffers Get Rough With Rick Perry

| On 17, Aug 2011

Turd Blossom (a.k.a. Karl Rove) has a seemingly seething hate for Rick Perry that has bubbled over to the mainstream. (AP Photo by Gerald Herbert)

This is an interesting story coming from the GOP.

Larger-than-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) exploded onto the scene last weekend with his announcement as a candidate for president of the United States. His presence was supposed to galvanize conservative forces to get behind the candidate who blows everyone else away with executive experience.

Not everyone is buying that plan. The people that used to work for President George W. Bush certainly aren’t doing cartwheels over Perry’s presence. Perry served as Bush’s lieutenant governor until he resigned for the presidency in 2000.

Behind the scenes drama from when Bush was was governor has boiled over to the mainstream media. In recent days, Perry has taken shots a Fed chairman Ben Bernanke by suggesting he is a treasonist. He has also said that troops would be proud to serve under him as Commander-In-Chief, implying in some way that they aren’t feeling the same about President Obama. The digs seem like standard fare from an attack dog GOP candidate.

But, how Bush’s people are ripping Perry a new one over his remarks is the real story. Former Bush staffers, including GOP strategist Karl Rove, have smoked Perry on cable news and on Twitter. They have noted how inappropriate and un-presidential the remarks were.

You don’t usually see two Republicans (or their staffers, per se) that have served in such close proximity going for blood on one another like this. ::pops popcorn and pulls up a seat::

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