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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Federal Unemployment Rate Didn’t Budge in September

| On 10, Oct 2011

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News coming out of Washington, D.C. may be disheartening for job seekers across America.

No, we are not talking about the government’s dysfunction. The federal unemployment rate is the issue and it has more than a few folks down. It remained at 9.1 percent for September — no change from the August figures.

State by state figures will be released later in October. Meanwhile, you can check out this chart to see your state’s unemployment rates for the year through August 2011.

Increasingly, the unemployment numbers are becoming a whipping post for the Obama Administration and its perceived lack of action on jobs in America. Yes, the president recently sent the American Jobs Act to Congress with bipartisan ideas and asked them to support it. But we are almost three years into his Administration, under the death-grip of a do-nothing GOP-led House of Representatives, and still mired in unemployment.

I can’t sit here, however, and completely point the finger at the president. The government doesn’t “create” jobs, rather than create the climate necessary for hiring. Companies need to start hiring. They also need to stop pulling from the same incestuous pool of already-employed candidates. Can the qualified unemployed folks have a chance to jump in the game too? Damn.

As you can already tell, the unemployment crisis is much worse than originally believed. Things ain’t easy ’round these parts….

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