The Federal Unemployment Rate for January Was….

| On 04, Feb 2011

9.0 %

This means that unemployment has dropped since December, when the rate was 9.4 % across the country.

The labor market only added 36,000 new jobs, well below the expectation of 149,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Some of you may wonder how the unemployment rate could drop while only adding a small number of jobs. The unemployment rate only counts ACTIVE job seekers. People that give up looking for work are not counted in the employment statistics.

So, yeah, we have “technically” lower unemployment for now. But, I’m sure there are many of you reading this that have NO JOB or know someone in that position. It’s hard. This economy is tough. We have to think outside the box. As rosy as some may try to make these numbers seems, they suck ass for someone without work (or looking for another position).

And the recession drags on….

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