Michelle Obama Stuffs Her Fat Face With Burgers In Cartoon

| On 15, Feb 2011

I’m more confused than anything when I look at this conservative cartoon.

Pictured are President and Mrs. Obama having dinner. POTUS is damn near starving with an almost-empty plate. Meanwhile, Michelle has fatty-sized her meal with a stack of burgers.

This is all a conservative attempt to mock the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative. She is trying to get families to make better eating choices because of the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Conservatives have an issue with the First Lady and her attempt to change attitudes about food when she and the president still splurge. In her defense, she never said she wants to completely eliminate unhealthy meals, but rather add healthier options to what we have.

This cartoon appeared on BigGovernment.com, the website run by conservative blogger and resident shit-starter Andrew Breitbart. He is most famous for igniting the firestorm around Shirley Sherrod with his heavily-edited video this summer.

I think if the Obamas offered a concrete solution for world peace, they couldn’t win with some people. Oh well…

What do YOU think of the depiction?

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