Food Pyramid Is Replaced With Plate for Healthy Eating

| On 02, Jun 2011

Say goodbye to the food pyramid you grew to love over the years! It is being replaced with a drawing of a plate of food that shows a more user-friendly reminder of what you should being eating during times of hunger.

The effort is a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s push to inform Americans about proper eating choices as they have done over many years. In my lifetime, the four food groups evolved into the pyramid and now this pretty plain looking plate available at MyPlate.gov.

The visual is supposed to show you in basic terms, for example, that half of your plate needs to be fruits and vegetables. Also, you should take in a lot more grains than dairy. At first glance, I was expecting a little more, but I guess they went with the “dummy version” this time around.

So … just to be clear PJM readers … canned peaches, fried okra, Grandma’s porkchops, and hot buttered biscuits should NOT make up the contents of your plate. And don’t you dare wash that down repeatedly with whole milk! The USDA and First Lady Michelle Obama would not be pleased.

Throw the salt, sugar, and trans-fats out of your diet! Then when you do, be sure to tell me how that goes for you. Ok? *chews pork bacon*

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