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Former First Lady Betty Ford Passes Away at 93

| On 11, Jul 2011

Former First Lady Betty Ford is pictured on CNN. She passed away Friday at age 93. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Here is a bit of sad news.

Former First Lady Betty Ford, wife of the 38th President Gerald Ford, passed away Friday at age 93. Mrs. Ford was known not only for her role in the White House in the mid-1970’s, but for her very public battle with alcoholism and addiction to pain killers after leaving the spotlight. She would later go on to start the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California that became synonymous in pop culture with the substance abuse and recovery.

Mrs. Ford will have two funeral services – one in California and the other in Michigan, where she will be buried next to her husband. Former President Ford died in 2006 and he was also 93.

You have to respect someone like Betty Ford. After being a First Lady, she still found time to share something that is so personal and (at times) embarrassing such as substance abuse. I like how she took her personal struggle and made it a platform that so many others could stand on to get help.

That’s some real service right there…

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