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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Fourth Herman Cain Accuser Makes Her Case on “Piers Morgan Tonight”

| On 08, Nov 2011

Herman Cain now has a fourth accuser in his growing sexual harassment scandal. Trying to get these stories to stick, however, is like trying to pin Jell-O to a concrete wall. It ain’t happening!

You may have missed the news of Sharon Bialek coming forward against Cain amidst all of the hoopla on Monday about the verdict in the Conrad Murray / Michael Jackson case. Well, she’s a blonde-haired middle aged woman who is certain to play on the potential racial fears of some close-minded GOP voters.

Here are my issues with Bialek’s last minute sexual harassment claims:

  • Why would she wait 14 years to come forward with this information? If she was that traumatized, why not report it then? I find it highly unlikely that her conscience just happened to clear right as Cain was taking the lead in the GOP primary race.
  • She says that she did this for the other women who couldn’t speak out. That’s B-S! If she was a victim, then fine. But now she wants to be a martyr for the other accusers? Sit down!
  • The statute of limitations has expired on these claims. In plain English, this mess happened too long ago for a court of law to deal with it.
  • Bialek says that she is not doing this for financial gain. However, her attorney Gloria Allred doesn’t strike me as someone who works for free. If Bialek is not receiving money to pay Allred, then who (or what group) is? We will never know the answer to this one because of attorney-client privilege.
  • It has become crystal clear that Bialek emerged simply as a foil to Cain’s campaign. Though I don’t support him as a candidate, it’s really foul what is going on.

This is not a vote of confidence for Herman Cain or sexual harassment in general. If these actions did happen, then I’m all for the appropriate consequences. In this case, though, these women are coming out the woodwork to help other candidates who want to see him out the race. Bialek confirmed she is a Republican. The writing is on the wall!

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