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Gas Prices Will Fall Below $2.00/Gal With Michele Bachmann as President?!

| On 17, Aug 2011

Michele Bachmann seems to think she is the Almighty. With a delusional thought and a wave of her hand she can just "make" gas prices go lower. smh...

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has offered us another peek into her world in Candyland.

The Minnesota congresswoman says that when she becomes president that gas prices will fall below the $2.00/gallon threshold. Of course, she offers no concrete plan of how this will be achieved. It must be magic.

Why didn’t President Obama think of her plan earlier? Never mind that the global oil markets determine the cost of crude per barrel.

Does Bachmann think that the oil cartel, OPEC, is just going to all of a sudden forget about their profit margin and allow the U.S. to pay under $2.00/gallon for gas? Shelly can forget that one!

This is why YOUR VOTES MATTER, people!

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