Georgia Lawmaker Gets Outed by Partner’s Scorned Ex

| On 01, Jun 2011

Georgia state Rep. Rashad Taylor confirms rumors that he is gay, after some unconventional behind-the-scenes drama.

From the outset, this story reads like something out of a bad soap opera.

In Georgia, a state legislator recently had his own “nightmare” of sorts when his personal life crossed into the public domain. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta) was outed as gay in a strange set of emails that were sent to other Georgia lawmakers last week.

Here’s the deal. Taylor had not publicly disclosed his sexual orientation, which for most of us is just fine. But the ex of his current partner had a major problem with this and decided to get even. So, “J. Callahan” (pen name) sent emails around the Georgia House of Representatives claiming that Taylor was using his position to “promote his own homosexual agenda…”

Of course, the bitter people never have a leg to stand on. This “J. Callahan” dude couldn’t provide any evidence showing that other than Rep. Taylor now having HIS former man.

Here is what I have to say to J. Callahan … as I am trying to hold in my laugh:

Rep. Taylor seemed affable and non-assuming at the public events where I have seen him. So, to think that he may use his “position” to lure people to his upper room kinda threw me off.

Nobody’s perfect, but this “J. Callahan” person definitely has an axe to grind. Taylor now has Georgia Equality, major media, and many of his constituents on his side. Who who wins? lol…

Here’s what Taylor said in a written statement about the fallout:

“Although this is not the time or the way that I wanted to come out, I feel actually very lucky, thanks to all the support that I’ve received from those people who are closest to me…As a black man, it can be a struggle to find acceptance within the community and at times with myself as well. But I’m proud of the man my mother has raised, and I make no apologies for who I am. There may be those who want to paint those in political terms. They’ll say that this is a political liability to me. To me it’s actually a gift [from] God.”

Good luck Rep. Taylor…

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