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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Georgia Walks Down Arizona’s Shitty Immigration Path

| On 15, Apr 2011

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) has some big choices to make about whether or not to sign the state's controversial immigration law soon.

They say if you’re defeated at something, “Try, try again…”

Well, for all of the immigration hounds out there, the day has come in conservative ass Georgia to start marginalizing brown people. An amended version of House Bill 87 has passed the Georgia Senate by a 37-19 vote. It went back to the House where it passed by a vote of 112-59. The bill is now waiting on Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature in order for it to become law.

The Georgia Legislature is controlled by a Republican majority, which is also Deal’s party. That should not surprise you…

Georgia’s bill is very similar to Arizona’s in that it puts pressure on businesses and state and local police to crackdown on illegal immigrants. Businesses face hefty fines for hiring undocumented workers. Police are also expected to jail brown people that they suspect may not be U.S. citizens. Same bullshit that’s been trying to happen in Arizona. Just a different state.

Here’s a quick breakdown, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, of some items you need to know about Georgia’s potential law:

  • Thinking of using a fake I.D. to get a job in the Peach State? Well, you must really have $250,000 in money to pay in fines AND want to spend up to 15 of your golden years with Bubba in the slammer.
  • Don’t tell anyone to come to Georgia to get a job knowing they are illegal. That’s up to a year of hard time and $1,000 in fines.
  • You think the Po-Po’s are the enemy now? Puhh-leeze. The real sellouts in this deal will be on the new seven-member Immigration Enforcement Review Board. Now the police and governments have someone of their own to hate. The board will review complaints about officials who knowingly DO NOT enforce the new law. Ain’t that some shit?!
  • Georgia MAY get their own guest worker program depending on the results of a mandatory study by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. You just didn’t think that the conservatives were going to break their nails and do the work the brown people have been doing all along, did you?
  • Business owners get more red tape! If they have more than 10 employees, they must use the federal E-Verify system to determine if candidates can work in the U.S. Gotta love efficiency!

Georgia can’t take all of the credit for this classic WTF moment. Arizona, its sister bigot state, took the lead on this effort last year with SB1070 that was signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer. The Mighty Wrinkled One has hit some snags in her efforts, though, and has faced stiff opposition from the U.S. Department of Justice. They went to circuit and federal court and got a stay issued and reinforced to prevent the AZ law from taking effect.

Protesters have already said they are ready to bring their A-game if Gov. Deal signs the bill into law. The state could face an economic and business boycott as people throw up the peace sign to a state that could give a damn about the brown folks.

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