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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Glenn Beck To Leave FOX News This Year

| On 11, Apr 2011

Glenn Beck has a lot to weep about lately just because he likes to cry. He will walk away from FOX News when his contract ends this year.

I can feel the sadness in my readers as they caught this headline. So many of you will now have to reprogram your DVR boxes later this year in the absence of Glenn Beck on FOX News in the evenings. It was announced last week that he will leave his show, presumably when his contract is up. What will you do with yourselves?


I’m sure many of you missed Beck’s program anyway because you were too busy being PRODUCTIVE with your lives (i.e., taking naps and sitting the toilet). Beck, a radically conservative staple of the network, has experienced declining ratings since President Obama took office. He went from just shy of three million viewers to less than two million, which is still nothing to laugh at.

But Beck has also been caught up in controversy by calling the president a racist and making Nazi remarks, pissing off some key Jewish constituents. Even when he is not putting his foot in his mouth, his program can be a train wreck to look at. He is always off on some wild tangent or theory behind the most simple of political news (i.e., Sarah Palin’s laughable presidential bid). As news content … well … it definitely wasn’t that.

Never fear though, Beck sits on a hefty media empire. In addition to the show, he still does his Glenn Beck Live! appearances across the nation. He also has a syndicated radio show that is broadcast throughout the week on over 400 stations (which is a coup in the radio world). One year ago this week, we reported on Beck’s $32 million empire with his company, Mercury Radio Arts. So trust me, Beck is not hurting for coins.

In fact, Beck will still continue to be affiliated with FOX after he leaves. He will work on projects for both the network and its website, according to Roger Ailes, the head of the network.

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