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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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GOP Candidates Want to Weaken the Judicial Branch of Govt.

| On 24, Oct 2011

Republican presidential candidates are trying to spay and neuter the judicial powers of federal judges. (Photo credit unknown)

The 2012 GOP candidates not only want to be president … they essentially want to control how justice is administered too!

Many of the GOP candidates running for president next year don’t quite understand (or care) about the Constitution, despite their incessant mentions of it. There’s a little thread of “separation of powers” that runs throughout the document — essentially providing for independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. Each of the three branches of government can “check” the other with their specific powers.

The Republican candidates said to hell with what the Founders wanted and they want to create their own system. Of course, it involves the courts bowing down and worshipping them and stripping judges of rights they’ve had for centuries.

Their aim is specifically at federal judges and cutting their lifetime appointments. They also want to slash funding to the courts and make judges accountable to Congress to explain their rulings. If they fail to appease Congress, the judges can be impeached. WTF??

In fairness, former Govs. Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman have not lashed out at the judicial branch in their campaigning, according to The Huffington Post. It’s the other six main candidates that have made mentions of it over time.

This is a truly bold move for any candidate to talk like this. Every president has the power to pick federal judges. Right now, the courts are made up of judges spanning eight or more presidencies. There are more judges serving right now that were picked from Republicans than Democrats.

The real reason they are pushing for this lessening of powers is because federal judges are ruling in favor of issues the candidates do NOT support (i.e., gay marriage, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, abortion, etc.). Judges are

It all boils down to the judges not kissing the GOP’s ass and now they want to take their toys out the sandbox and go home.

Thanks to our loyal reader Tony for the heads-up on this piece of news!

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