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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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“Hacker” Tweets Penis Print Photo via Rep. Anthony Weiner

| On 01, Jun 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner's "weiner" may have possibly made it online. He has become involved in a rather bizarre, but not that newsworthy, of an online scandal.

The headline is full of double and triple entendres!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Rep. Anthony Weiner supposedly fell victim to a Twitter “hacking.” Someone from his Twitter account sent out a photo showing the print of a man’s penis covered in underwear (see semi-NSFW, non-nude photo).

The image was sent to the general Twitter timeline, so anyone searching at the time could see it. Minutes after its posting, the image and the YFrog photo sharing account were deleted.

The strange part is in Rep. Weiner’s response to the situation. He has not come out and flatly denied that it was his underwear photo being sent out. However, he does want to bring justice to the “hackers” that did this to him.

Online experts are questioning how he could have been “hacked,” when the criminals usually change the passwords of their victims. Others have tried to contact YFrog to get the exact IP address of the person who posted the photo. No such luck from them.

Some believe that Rep. Weiner could have been sending the photo as a direct message to just one person, but it went out over the general timeline. Either way, the photo would have still appeared in his public YFrog account whether or not it was meant as a direct message. This scenario has NOT been confirmed.

Here are my two cents. This is NOT a scandal. It doesn’t surprise me that Rep. Weiner has a penis .. lol. More than a few of us expected that. Whether or not its his in the picture may never be known and many of us don’t care. I am pretty sure he wouldn’t just send out random suggestive pictures on Twitter and not think there would be repercussions.

If we are letting Republicans get their tits licked in pictures, then we cannot throw stones at Democrats who are “hacked” with crotch shots. Still some of his potential political rivals have suddenly taken a major interest in the unidentified crotch.

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