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Hear Directly from Herman Cain’s Alleged 13-Year Mistress (VIDEO)

| On 29, Nov 2011

Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain:

The block is hot around Herman Cain these days and not in a good way!

Yet ANOTHER woman, Ginger White, has come forward to say that she has had inappropriate personal contact with Mr. Cain. This time, however, it’s not around sexual harassment. She claims they have had an on-and-off again affair for the past 13 years.

And there’s more. She has receipts to prove it! The mistress provided detailed cell phone records from the past two years showing several dozen phone calls from Herman Cain’s private cell phone number to hers.

White, an Atlanta area resident, offered an exclusive interview to the city’s FOX 5 news affiliate. She detailed how they met in Kentucky in the late 1990’s and he was attracted to her. From there, he would fly her to various cities he traveled to over the years and wine and dine her.

I’ll let you watch the clip on your own. But, I think Herman Cain should go ahead and hang up his candidacy at this point. As of Tuesday morning, CNN reported that he already had a meeting with his staff and was “reassessing” if his candidacy could go on. At this point, it’s an extremely smart move.

It’s obvious from Ms. White’s detail that something inappropriate went on between the two of them. She’s no saint herself … having been evicted from apartments, complained of sexual harassment against others, and accused of libel in unrelated matters. White says she told the story, however, to get out in front of it since someone else threatened they would go public with it before her.

This revelation has thrown a major twist in Cain’s bid for president.

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