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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Herman Cain Is Taking a Beating In National Polling

| On 07, Nov 2011

Herman Cain is not playing with the American public. You better get back on HIS MESSAGE and off these allegations immediately! (Photo credit unknown)

Herman Cain is getting the cold shoulders from potential voters now that his sexual harassment “scandal” has gained some traction.

In national polling, America’s favorite pizza man dropped nine points in the Reuters/Ipsos poll. His favorability among Republicans now stands at 57 percent against his 66 percent standing last week. That’s a major decline considering his recent surge to frontrunner status in some polls. In my opinion, this is a cause for concern.

So, what are the issues?

Cain simply won’t address the allegations head-on. Obviously SOMETHING happened, even if he and the women just played patty-cake with each other in the breakroom. He says that his campaign will get “back on message” soon so they can resume talking about real issues. But, he fails to understand that a lot of times candidates don’t determine whether or not they are on message. If a reporter has questions, they are going to continue asking until they get responses.

It also doesn’t help that a fourth woman wants to come forward with accusations of sexual harassment against Cain. At the same time, Cain says he is finished talking about the (non)-issue. Yeah, he THINKS he is.

If Cain becomes president, he is going to have to answer to more than just voters about issues. How is he going to handle international criticism or even Congress for that matter?

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