Herman Cain “Jokes” About Electric Barbwire Fence for Illegals

| On 17, Oct 2011

Herman Cain was in Tennessee this past weekend talking to supporters and trying to win over conservatives in his bid to become the next president.

While on the topic of illegal immigration, Cain offered a plan … he says a “joke” … to put a stop to undocumented people coming across the borders.

He wants to build a 20ft. electric fence on the border that says, “This will kill you.” Remember, he says this is a “joke.” He clarified his statement on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday saying that America needs a sense of humor. No, it sounds like Herman Cain needs to quit playing to xenophobic fears and “joking” about electrocuting people.

Cain was the main one up in arms about Rick Perry’s offensive “niggerhead” ranch association two weeks ago. But now he wants to deliver killer volts of electricity to our Latino brothers and sisters? I don’t get it.

Meanwhile, even deeper in Candyland…..

Michele Bachmann didn’t think the “joke” was a laughing matter. Get this. She SUPPORTS the electric fence idea and threw jabs at Herman Cain for blowing it off as a joke. What kind of prison does Bachmann want this country living in? Damn!

We should just rename our country The United States of Alcatraz to appease these conservatives.

Thanks to our friends at Talking Points Memo for posting the video!


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