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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Herman Cain Puts Nosy Reporters In Their Place

| On 03, Nov 2011

Herman Cain laid his "Ike" hand down on meddling reporters yesterday. LOL! (Screenshot from CNN video)

There is a funny video of Herman Cain lashing out at reporters earlier this week.

Cain was leaving a meeting with a group of doctors when reporters bombarded him with questions about his growing sexual harassment scandal.

Boy, I tell you Cain was uber-irritated with these reporters!

**Click here to see the video. You will be taken directly to YouTube.**

He threw out all that nice South Georgia charm and got right with their asses. He said he was not answering ANY questions about the scandal, even though he knew they were “curious” about it.

But, get this. After Cain lashed out at the reporters, why did they start asking him questions about rapper Rick Ross’s episode of seizures two weeks ago? What in God’s name does Herman Cain or these doctors know or care about Rick Ross’s seizures?

Some reporters can just be stupid for the sake of trying to get the “money question” answered. ::sigh::

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