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Prune Juice Media | April 25, 2014

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Herman Cain Says Obama Is Not a “Real Black Man”

| On 01, Jul 2011

Herman Cain needs to have an immediate seat trying to play the president on whether he's a "strong black man" or not.

Ain’t this a b*tch?!

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain took some under-handed shots at President Obama in a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine.

Cain, who is African-American, said that he didn’t think Barack was a “real black man.” His reasoning? Well, “a real black man is not timid about making the right decisions….”

Cain went on to add, “I identify with a strong black man like Martin Luther King Jr., or my dad, Luther Cain Jr., who didn’t have a lot of formal education, but he had a Ph.D. in common sense.”

Is Cain serious? It’s obvious that his daddy’s common sense didn’t trickle down to him.

He didn’t spend too much time bashing President Obama on the topic, but the fact that it was even mentioned kills me. Who died and made Herman Cain the keeper all of all things black?

President Obama is not perfect and there are things I disagree with him on. But the man has held executive office for two years and has been in some type of elected capacity as a public official for 14 years. Herman Cain has never held public office before and BARACK is the weak one?

Here is a president that was handed one of the shittiest offices ever and is trying to right generations of economic and political wrongs and he’s not “strong” enough?!? That’s like me saying Herman Cain is not “black enough” because he is a Republican – which I would never be that close-minded to think!

I’m so sick of black people tearing each other down, even at this high level. Yes, it’s politics and that’s the unfortunate name of the game. But, does Cain realize that President Obama will be listed in the textbooks of his great-grandchildren? When Herman Cain fails to clinch the GOP nomination, a highly likely scenario, Obama will STILL be president and STILL be leading. He’s already shown how strong he is to do something that Herman Cain only WANTS to do.

Now if that’s not strength, I don’t know what is.


  1. danielwalldammit

    He's no true Scottsman either, is he Mr. Cain?

  2. KELLY


  3. I agree with all of your comments. As “smart” as Cain is, I’m really surprised he took the bait with that one and actually ran with it. He will soon learn just how “strong” of a black man the GOP does NOT think he is when he doesn’t grace their stage for the nomination.

    Has he been watching any news? People are bashing this president just for BEING black. smh…

  4. Marcus

    Herman Cain's business acumen to run a pizza joint has clouded his vision and awareness of who he is and the world that he lives in. Success in getting money might allow you to buy a lot of things that others can't, but like the baffoon that wealthy Donald Trump made of himself with his classless act concerning the birth certificate of our President, so has Herman Cain put his hat in the ring of political lime light with the same type of irresponsible and undiscipline mouth.

    Is the most important crisis issue in America really the color and pedigree of our President? What about all of the items on the Presidents agenda to make things better that are caught in the log jam of a political system that has vowed not to support his efforts. They prefer the grid lock game that they believe will give them the greatest political leverage to regain the power that they have lost. Some of them are Democrats as well who stand to loose some of their wealth from their cross lines compromises.

    It only shows that he has rejected the lesson of common sense from his "common sense Phd" father while clinging to the non-sense that has become his own ball and chain to insure his shortfall of the necessary acumen to sit in the highest seat of power in the world.

    He is just another envious black man acting like a crab in the basket trying to pull another black man down for his own selfish ambition. He should take some of his money and help bring down the national debt instead of using it trying to bring down the character of a man in the office that we should all be rallying around in these tough social and economic times. Who made Herman Cain the President and CEO of how Blackness is determined?

  5. ybl

    and I walk!

  6. Dammit, when did the How To Act (Real) Black codes change again? I didn't see this particular negro memo.

    And when did we decide that this–or any other–fool gets to determine what behavior does or does not qualify as black? I go to The Meetings, I'd remember that vote.

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