Herman Cain’s Wife Is Surprisingly a Democrat

| On 08, Nov 2011

Gloria Cain, wife of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, isn't cut from the same political cloth as her husband. Thankfully... (Photo credit unknown)

Well, well, well …

The truth in the Cain family came to light on Monday night when Herman Cain appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He discussed a range of issues, including brief jokes about the fundraising boost that the sexual harassment accusations have brought him.

One of the most revealing pieces of information was actually about the candidate’s wife of 43 years, Gloria Cain. He revealed that she is indeed a Democrat. It’s interesting, but not unheard of … think about Fmr. CA-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and his wife Maria Shriver, who is a member of the Kennedy family.

Mrs. Cain’s Georgia voting records show that she has voted in many Democratic primaries and runoff elections since 2000, according to documents pulled by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

We don’t know much about Gloria Cain personally, as recently scheduled media appearances for her have been canceled. This is probably due to the growing questions around her husband about sexual harassment from women back in the 1990’s. I’m sure they don’t want to throw her into that media hurricane.

My question is will Gloria be Republican enough for one day to cast a ballot for her husband? I would hope so.

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