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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Hillary Clinton Is Not Playing About Internet Freedom

| On 15, Feb 2011

If you are a country that suppresses the Internet, this is the face that Hillary Clinton is giving you!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already warned the world about playing with folks Internet privileges. But, maybe the various governments didn’t hear her the first time.

Now, Clinton is unveiling the new U.S. plan on Tuesday for global Internet freedom in the wake of the success of the Egyptian protests last week. That movement, as you may remember, was fueled in large part by young, Internet-savvy people who want access to global information like everyone else. They won and the old-guard government lost.

Clinton’s view is that Internet freedom is a basic human right. It has also become part of the U.S. foreign policy to push for cyber freedom alongside democracy. She supports a secure Internet that allows for debate, freedom of expression, and transparency.

A little over one year ago, Clinton made her first speech calling for global Internet freedom. It didn’t go over that well with the Chinese. I’m sure that other habitual violators – such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt – aren’t going to take lightly to this new plan.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about a “U.S. plan” for global Internet usage because other countries are still sovereign nations. I applaud Hillary for taking this step, but I want to know what she expects the “outcome” to be. These dictators don’t give a shit about what the U.S. thinks or what is on the Internet. Their freedom kill-switch remains in the OFF position!

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