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Hillary Clinton Offers Infidelity Mentoring to Rep. Weiner’s Wife

| On 09, Jun 2011

Huma Abedin, the wife of Rep. Anthony Weiner, plans to stand by her man during this time. She is carrying his child also. (Photo courtesy of AP)

The drama around Rep. Anthony Weiner and his covered penis bulge that appeared on Twitter has some interesting twists and turns. No pun intended.

Rep. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Cinton. Well, we all know the type of drama that Secy. Clinton faced with her husband, President Clinton, when they were in the White House. Reports say that Abedin has sought some advice from Clinton about what she should do in her husband’s “photo-sharing” situation.

When the couple were married last year, President Clinton presided over the ceremony. Is it just me that sees these painfully ironic connections that Weiner and Abedin have to the Clintons?

Let’s add some insult to injury. Abedin is pregnant with her first child with Rep. Weiner. As far as we know publicly, she is sticking beside her cyber-friendly husband and his antics. I support her doing whatever SHE feels she needs to keep her home in order. It’s not my job to police her bedroom or her relationship.

Meanwhile, the press continue to follow Abedin as she travels with Secy. Clinton in the United Arab Emirates this week. *sigh*

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