Hillary Clinton Says ‘Hell Naw’ to a Second Term as Obama’s SOS

| On 16, Mar 2011

"Hillary phone home...." *E.T. voice*

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t use those exact terms, but that’s the gist of her latest interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room.

Secy. Clinton was asked about several positions she could potentially hold if President Obama is elected to a second term. She said that she is not interested in serving at Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. She is also not interested in running for president or being Obama’s vice president.

This isn’t really breaking news because we reported the same thing back in January 2010. The only update is that her current job and Secy. of Defense are also off the table.

Hey, I feel her! I’m sure that grind of squeezing her 63-year-old cankle into that pantsuit and pump everyday gets old. Clinton has complained publicly of being perpetually jet-lagged. And with how the world has fallen apart during this Obama term, (Middle East wars and civil uprisings; earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, and Japan; general job demands), Hillary is tired!!

I love Hillary just like the next person, but her aging process has hit its last lap of the Indy 500! Stress is real and you should not let it kill. I’m sure that she knows this better than any of us. Right now, she’ll have to make the best of it until January 2013. *sigh*


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