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Indiana Lawmakers Evaporate From Their Jobs

| On 23, Feb 2011

Ain't too much of nothing getting done in the Indiana Statehouse these days. In total, 37 House Dems are AWOL from the job. *sigh*

The Wisconsin syndrome has hit Indiana as well too. Disgruntled Democratic state legislators have left the state in order to block an inevitable vote on anti-union legislation and an education bill.

Things in Indianapolis are getting closer to gridlock this week because 37 Indiana House Democrats have walked off the job, leaving only three of their party colleagues behind. A vote was taken to put the bill up for a decision in the full House. But, without a 2/3 quorum, the Speaker of the House, Brian Bosma, cannot hold a vote.

The bill in question would prohibit union representation fees from being a requirement in private employment establishments. Unions are pissed off because those fees are a steady stream of revenue for them and it weakens the unions’ power.

The same anti-union sentiment around collective bargaining power has ignited things in Wisconsin and Ohio, all of which are in the union-heavy industrial Midwest. They do NOT play about unions in that part of the country.

The other bill they are upset about would use tax dollars to send students to private schools.

According to The Indianapolis Star, 22 pieces of legislation in total will die if Democrats stay away long enough. The Republican governor, Mitch Daniels has said that he will NOT send state troopers to look for the lawmakers, who are in Urbana, Illinois. He actually said that Democrats had not violated any rules by blocking a quorum and supported their right to protest. He does think they will return in good conscience and serve the people of Indiana.

Good luck with that one!

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