It’s Recall Election Day In Wisconsin

| On 09, Aug 2011

The Wisconsin State Capitol is going to be-a-rockin' today once the voters finish lighting into the Republicans at the ballot box!

Today is the day that some state-level politicians in Wisconsin must meet “the man” … better known as the pissed-off voter at the polls.

In case you forgot, there is a huge recall effort going on in Wisconsin to chin-check some of the Republican state senators. People are angry that they advanced a bill into law that got rid of collective bargaining rights for unionized state workers.

Of course, they had help from Gov. Scott Walker, also a Republican. He, however, cannot be recalled until next year after he has served a full year of his term.

Democrats aren’t off the chopping block either. Two of them will face recall election next week since they were part of the larger group of 14 Dems that walked off the job and out of the state for weeks. Their “disappearing act” was designed to stop Republicans from advancing the collective bargaining legislation. Voters want them recalled because they held up the legislative process.

If Democrats win just three of today’s six contests, they will take control of the Wisconsin Senate. However, in the recall elections next week, they could lose that power again to Republicans if they don’t survive.

Bottom line is, if you live in Wisconsin, please get out to the polls TODAY!!

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