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Keith Olbermann Is Back In the Spotlight

| On 21, Jun 2011

He's baaaaaaaaaaack! Keith Olbermann fans can have their fill of their favorite host now on Current TV. His new show launched this week.

Former MSNBC “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann has proven that you can’t keep talent down.

The left-leaning news personality who abruptly signed off from his last show and MSNBC altogether on January 22 has re-emerged on Current TV. He hosts a new show of the same name and is still forcefully tackling hot political topics. The first episode aired on June 20.

During his television absence, the opinionated Olbermann kept busy on Twitter commenting on and retweeting stories of major interest. After eight successful years on MSNBC, Olbermann was able to keep the flame burning while he was off the air.

The addition of Olbermann’s show adds strength to Current TV’s lineup and gives it a powerful left-leaning voice who has already been a hit with viewers for years. I expect to see Keith chew up and spit out his fair share of political figures on this new program. Not much has changed.

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