Libya Forces United Nations and U.S. Into War-Like Stance

| On 18, Mar 2011

International help is on the way for rebels seeking democratic freedoms in Libya.

It’s pretty obvious that the American people have let out a collective, “What the hell is going on NOW?” at the situation in Libya.

For well over a month now Libya’s status has gone from bad to horrific. Following Egypt’s lead, the people of Libya decided to rise up against their government dictatorship and seek democratic reforms. They haven’t met the same success as their neighbor, though. Col. Muammar Gaddafi has attacked his own people to stop the uprising at the shock of the international community. He has also vowed that he will stay in power “until the last bullet is fired…”

On Thursday, the United Nations Security Council announced that several nations will be enforcing a no-fly zone over all of Libya. This will stop the current air strikes that Col. Muammar Gaddafi has launched on his own people. There have also been talks that British and French planes could begin attacking Gaddafi’s pro-government very soon.

Col. Gaddafi, of course, is not pleased with these plans and has vowed even more violence if strikes begin against his forces. Well, he better get ready….

On Friday, President Obama gave some remarks about the situation noting some specific goals of U.N. mission. They want to stop the killing of innocent civilians in Libya. The partner nations also want Gaddafi held accountable for the slaughter of his own citizens recently.

So what does this mean for the average American? Well, your government has used another opportunity as a “world leader” to meddle in the affairs of another country via the United Nations. Be clear. The United States is not formally taking the lead on this effort. However, people like Secy. of State Hillary Clinton pushed hard for the U.S. to wreck shop in Libya.

I understand that world democracy is our mantra, but FINANCIALLY BROKE is our reality. We area also 0 for 2 in Middle East conflicts, so no one seems too excited about a third one. And like everyone else has been saying, why do WE always have to get involved in mess like this? Where are countries like Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Georgia during times like this?

Whatever becomes of this conflict, I just hope it’s swift and successful. We really don’t need another war on our hands at all!

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