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Prune Juice Media | April 24, 2014

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Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jump-off

| On 18, May 2011

And Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on Maria Shriver with THIS?! Is he dead-ass serious?

Here she is! Take a minute and let her sink in your spirit. LOL!

The photo is of Mildred Baena, 50, the alleged housekeeper that gave birth to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child. Photos from MySpace have surfaced online.

In newer reports, their son is around age 14, instead of the reported 10 or 11 years old.

But check this out. This hussy woman had sex with Schwarzenegger IN the house he and Shriver shared with their children!!! It is also reported that Baena and Shriver were preggy at the same time. Baena continued to carry her ass in that house everyday for work while “her uterus runneth over” with Arnold’s child.


Don’t get me wrong. Arnold is THEE ONE to blame for all of this. He needs to assume 500% responsibility for his actions, so I’m not giving him a “man-pass.”

But, if you are Maria, you have to wonder exactly who you are letting in your house, around your kids, and around your MAN!!! You cannot trust hardly anyone around your husband these days. Half the time, as in this case, you can’t even trust your husband.

The one I feel the most for is the child. Honestly y’all, he didn’t ask to be brought in the world under these circumstances. Wow.

Here’s another shot of Baena with their love child:

Here's another shot of Baena with the son that Schwarzenegger fathered. His image has been blurred because he is a minor.


  1. I'd like to know how this got passed the media????? The reason why is because he was a Hollywood boy and the media only tells you want they want you to hear. It's funny it got released when they were done with him and there was nothing else to gain from his political career so they let the cat out of the bag!


  2. DG

    I feel disgusted by society right now… this article… these comments. NONE of you know what was going on in their marriage, and NONE of you know anything about this woman’s life. Who are you to judge? Are you all perfect? We have celebrities who do much worse and publicly admit to it. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian… I can keep going. Everyone fucks up in their life. And to insult this woman’s looks? Are you guys serious? Look at yourselves in the face before you judge others.

  3. Chalupta

    I'm sure poor Maria felt pretty safe in hiring this "housekeeper" because this beastly looking woman looked like her face was bashed into a skillet a few times. Boy did she turn out to be wrong, and this beast turned out to be one house keeper! Shame on them both! Disgusting!

  4. Name (required)

    lol beauty and the beast couldnt hack this one

  5. Doug Douglas

    Arnold must be closet gay. This is one step away from a man.


  6. Name (required)

    jealous people.

  7. YBL

    Sink into your spirit? DISGUSTING! Hollar OUT LOUD

  8. Grande Bicho

    She looks like a man, and the chid's hair looks like Arnold…lawd da poor kid has 2 ugly parents!

  9. Ta Neil

    She's just plain ugly.

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