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Meghan McCain “Bares It All” for Skin Cancer Awareness

| On 12, May 2011

Meghan McCain, outspoken youth conservative, almost shows it all for a skin cancer PSA. (Photo capture courtesy of CNN and the Style Network)

Ok, so Sen. John McCain’s daughter didn’t take everything off, but the latest PSA she’s featured in gives a hint of her in the nude.

Meghan McCain appeared in a skin cancer-related PSA highlighting the dangerous nature of the disease. Both of her parents, John and Cindy McCain have suffered from the disease that is quite treatable. The PSA reminds viewers of the importance of sunscreen to protect against skin cancer.

McCain appeared with singer Brandy, actress Tatyana M. Ali and others in the spot that ran on the Style Network.

Of course, McCain took a bit of flack for her “naked” appearance from someone who probably thought she was damn-near doing porn. smh… But, she calmed it down quickly via Twitter. She assured our bad nerves that she didn’t show the va-jay-jay or the ta-ta’s in the video.

“I filmed [the] skin cancer PSA in a strapless juicy tube dress. All you can see is my collar bone,” said Ms. McCain in a tweet.

Whew … we can sleep without nightmares now!

Sidenote: YouTube seems to have removed any traces of the actual video of the PSA. Very weird, but not out of the ordinary for them.

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