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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Michele Bachmann Taking Heat for Her Migraines

| On 20, Jul 2011

Could Michele Bachmann's migraine headaches really become a factor in Election 2012? (Photo credit unknown)

Some recently revealed insider information may actually paint GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in a “human” light.

It has been revealed she suffers from terrible migraine headaches. Reports say that they are those “shut off the lights and get under the bed for two days” type of migraines. I’m sorry to hear that because one of my good friends suffers from them.

One of Bachmann’s former insiders revealed the information to the press. (Leave it to a disgruntled employee to spill the beans .. lol). They said that she frequently suffers from the headaches and takes medicine before, during, and after the episodes to cope. It was also rumored that she was out of commission for several days at times dealing with the pain.

Those accusations are only partly true because Bachmann’s physician came forward with a written letter saying the migraines are “infrequent.” It seems that Michele wanted to put out whatever fire could come from rumors that she is ill-equipped for the job. So, she contacted her physician.

Whatever the problem is, I know this isn’t the end of the migraine story. This could be very similar to Hillary’s “red phone” commercial about Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. In it, she questioned the capability of the president to perform his job at a demanding level.

Some people are wondering what’s going to happen if one of those migraines hits on the campaign trail or (God forbid) if she wins. She can’t just take two days off from the presidency because she isn’t feeling well.

This should be interesting….

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