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Michele Bachmann’s Entire New Hampshire Staff Exits

| On 21, Oct 2011

The New Hampshire staff of Michele Bachmann's campaign threw her the deuces. She might as well hang it up at this point. (Photo credit unknown)

This week has been busy! Dictators killed, wars ending, and earthquakes happening, among other things.

Now Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign is drifting closer than ever before to the big toilet flush. On Friday, news leaked that all six of Bachmann’s PAID New Hampshire staffers walked away from her campaign. They said the candidate is not focusing enough time on The Granite State and has been focused too much on Iowa.

For those that don’t know, Michele Bachmann won the straw poll in Iowa this summer. The state has a caucus on January 3, the first to vote in the nation’s primary races next year. But, New Hampshire is usually the second to vote in the nation. They expected to be a high priority as well.

I wonder how Rep. Bachmann will spin this news. Earlier this week, former campaign manager Ed Rollins kept it honest about the state of her failing campaign. He said she was running out of money past Iowa and would probably fizzle out as a candidate. That information lines up perfectly with the discontent in New Hampshire and lack of focus there.

We all knew this, but people just do not believe in Bachmann’s ultra-conservative message. The voters, leadership, staffers, and even the bank account statements reflect this. It’s time for her to hang it up post-haste.

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