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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Michele Bachmann’s Kiddy State of the Union Response

| On 26, Jan 2011

Last night, we were treated to not only President Obama’s hour-long State of the Union address, but we had a little bit of comedy afterward.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) delivered the Tea Party Republicans response to the State of the Union speech. This year was a bit different because there was also an official Republican Party response about 10 minutes before Bachmann spoke. So yeah, they got two cracks at the piñata this year.

It goes without saying that Mrs. Bachmann completely overshadowed what-his-face …. oh yeah, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) … from his official party response.

Back to Michele. Let’s start with some basic on-camera knowledge. You should always know WHERE the camera is positioned. Bachmann spent six minutes looking (supposedly) at another camera that was next to the one she should have been using. To the viewer at home, it looked as if she was speaking to an America that was slightly left of the TV screen. It was really odd….

Oh yeah, and she must have switched out her mascara pencil for a Sharpie marker … because that eye makeup …. I digress…

Now for the meat of the response. I will give it to Rep. Bachmann that she properly utilized her six minutes and covered a lot of ground. It was pretty much the same GOP/Tea Party talking points, but the contradictions were glaring.

Here are a few that stood out for me:

  • Bachmann said: “Deficits were unacceptably high under Bush but exploded under Obama.” I say that President Obama had to do something to stop the economy from bottoming out. Bush could have cared less about investing in the nation when he left office. He created and left us this mess.
  • Bachmann said that Obama promised lower unemployment after the stimulus, then eight months later it spiked to 10.4%. This is technically true. However, unemployment numbers are not something that rise and fall with a month’s notice. The figures we have now are a result of policies and work that was done months, sometimes years ago. The high unemployment was a direct result of the housing and financial market collapses, both of which started under GEORGE W. BUSH!
  • Regarding “Obamacare,” Bachmann says that the new “government mandate is going to force some employers to stop offering health insurance altogether. No ma’am. These high-ass prices we have now BEFORE the government mandate are going to drive employers and individuals into the poor house. I was thinking if she sees the doctor and insurance bills? Then I remembered, she’s on a GOVERNMENT-RUN INSURANCE PLAN as a member of Congress. Oh yeah…
  • She equated “high unemployment, devalued housing market, and [skyrocketing] cost of gasoline…” with President Obama. Ma’am. Unemployment began to rise when the recession started in December 2007. The housing market also began to sputter that same year. The nation saw $4.50+ gasoline by September 2008. Again, Bush was president for all three of those events. Voters had not even gone to the polls yet to elect Barack Obama. I will admit that, yes, we currently see all three of those with President Obama. But, he did not start them.
  • She wants “Obamacare” completely repealed so we can “support free market solutions” to healthcare. Well, that’s what we have now and that shit is the pits. We are getting financially raped everyday by health insurance companies posting record profits while 50 million Americans sit uninsured. Oh yeah, and under “Obamacare,” Bachmann will be happy to know that you can still choose ANY private insurer that you want for coverage. She must have missed that part.
  • Bachmann says that “we have to look no further to see why jobs are moving overseas.” Umm, because her colleagues hate unions and workers and don’t want to pay them a fair wage or their share of taxes. So, they send the work overseas to pay them pennies and ultimately keep the additional profit for themselves.
  • The most eye-opening point for me was how she wants to roll back 132 regulations that have been put in place by the Obama Administration. While she was not specific about them, it’s pretty safe to say, for instance, that some of them have to do with financial services. The financial industry is the LEADING cause of our Great Recession … HANDS-DOWN!  She says that killing the regulation will save the government $100 million. That’s nothing for the federal government. Regulations will hopefully prevent the financial pimping and mischief that was going on in the first place. (Goldman Sachs anyone?)

I can honestly say that I didn’t get too upset watching Rep. Bachmann’s rebuttal. I’ve come to expect these type of shenanigans. Her speaking voice and looking at the wrong camera irked me more than anything. She was clowned in all types of social media last night for her appearance. But, I’ll at least say she stood by her beliefs.

Now, onto other MUCH MORE IMPORTANT news…

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