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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Michelle Obama Goes Behind the Scenes of the bin Laden Raid

| On 26, Jul 2011

Even First Lady Michelle Obama isn't allowed to know every political and military move that her husband is about to make. Interesting... (Photo credit unknown)

Here is a pretty interesting peek into the life and trials of the women supporting our White House leaders.

Politico ran a piece on Monday about the knowledge that the First and “Second” Ladies of the U.S., Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, had about the May 1 Osama bin Laden strike.

Well, they both told AARP The Magazine that they were as in the dark as the American people were. The ladies say they had suspicions that something was wrong that day. Their husbands, in true top-secret fashion, kept very mum about the situation.

The men were so secretive that Mrs. Obama even went to dinner with friends that night. Dr. Biden stayed in and graded papers. The First Lady found out about the raid a few minutes before the televised press conference. Dr. Biden saw it on TV. Wow…

Obviously with such a high-risk strike such as bin Laden’s, secrecy is of the essence. I thought President Obama may have mentioned it to his wife while laying in the bed or that it may have come up over coffee. You tend to think that someone as powerful as Michelle Obama is clocked in to all the major news in her husband’s life. But, she can’t be out of safety and security concerns.

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