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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Michelle Obama Shines Light on “Food Deserts”

| On 02, Nov 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama believes in all Americans having access to fresh fruit. (AP Photo)

…. and yes, the headline is spelled correctly. I’m referring to “deserts”… like the Sahara … not “desserts” like chocolate cake.

So, you may ask yourself, “What is a food desert and why should I care?”

If you have ever lived in a low-income urban area, you very well may have been in a food desert. It’s basically an area of a city or town that has little to no access to fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy eating options within a specific mile range.

If you can buy a 40 oz. of beer, cigarettes and candy faster than you can get all the ingredients of a garden or fruit salad …. then Houston we have a problem!

First Lady Michelle Obama visited Chicago last week for an event with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chicago is her example of a city that has decreased its food deserts by putting more grocers in neighborhoods and focusing on locally-grown produce. The city has seen a 39 percent decrease in five years in residents who do not have quick access to fresh produce.

The focus on fresh foods stems from the First Lady’s work on the “Let’s Move” campaign for healthier living. One way to improve life outcomes is through more nutritious eating.

Next time you visit your close grocery store, be thankful. Someone else may only be able to get candy and fast food where they live.

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