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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Minnesota Gov Caves In to GOP to End Shutdown

| On 14, Jul 2011

Gov. Dayton did what too many Democratic lawmakers do. He gave into Republicans for a short-term fix. (MPR photo by Nate Ryan)

I guess my post earlier today about the shortage of liquor in Minnesota kicked some people into action. lol…

This evening, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton announced that a deal had been struck with GOP lawmakers to close the $5 billion state budget gap and end the shutdown in a few days. There are a few specifics that have to be clarified and it needs a vote in a special session of the Minnesota State Legislature before it’s finalized.

Basically, the Democratic governor buckled under pressure of Republicans. According to the Washington Post, he agreed to their original proposal of no tax increases on the rich, delayed aid to school districts, and borrowing against future tobacco settlement payments.

**REAL TALK: The rich stayed richer, kids got kicked in the teeth, and the state government took out a payday loan to balance its budget. Now what kind of fiscal “discipline” is that?**

These Democrats need to learn that the GOP doesn’t give two sh*ts about the working class people or education. They can call Republicans bluff all they want to and the GOP will not flinch.

Gov. Dayton says that he agreed to the GOP proposal to help the Minnesotans who do not have a functional state government right now. That makes sense. But in the same token, he just kicked the problem down the road by not increasing the REVENUE coming into the state today. You cannot continue to cut your way to a balanced budget. INCOME has to factor in somewhere. And in this case, tax increases would have been that income solution.

If voted through, the new budget will carry the state of Minnesota through June 2013.

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