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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Minnesota Is Running Out of Liquor From the Shutdown

| On 14, Jul 2011

Think about all that beautiful liquor that is going unopened because of the state government shutdown in Minnesota. ::sigh::

The words in this title are ones that a lot of people would cringe to hear (including myself) if it happened in their state.

You may remember my post last week about the state government shutdown in Minnesota. Well, life ain’t no crystal stair in the North Star State especially when there is no government to make life’s necessities happen … like renewing liquor licenses.

Our friends over at Crooks & Liars reported that Minnesota is drying up like the Sahara. Businesses aren’t able to renew their liquor licenses and purchasing permits and events can’t get one-day liquor permits. Think of all the liquor stores, restaurants, work events, concerts, and such where you have been and liquor is openly and legally sold. That’s a lot of liquor!

If the residents of Minnesota really want something to drink, they need to take a look at Google Maps and find out how far the state line is from their house. I mean, even two Canadian provinces border the state. Get a passport and get creative! Don’t let the government stop you. lol… ::sips Merlot::

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