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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Mitt Romney Announces Presidential Bid

| On 08, Jun 2011

It’s official. The GOP field actually has a presidential candidate that I halfway respect and will try to follow from time to time.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced that he will run for president in 2012. He addressed supporters on a farm in New Hampshire.

Now, I’m trying to look across the aisle and take some of the Republican candidates seriously. However, one glaring issue I had with Mitt’s “announcement” is the lack of anyone of color in the audience. There wasn’t even a brown farm animal in the background. I didn’t see one Asian, Latino, or African-American supporter.

This raises a flag for me because if you are trying to represent “America” in the 21st century I’m gonna need you to have some diversity up in your support system.

Romney joins Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum as possible GOP presidential candidates. Others like Michele Bachmann and perhaps Sarah Palin may also join the group of conservatives seeking the White House.

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