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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Mitt Romney Carries Nothing Less Than $100 Bills

| On 22, Jun 2011

Please don’t think you’re going to meet Mitt Romney on the campaign trail and be able to break change for a $5 bill for the vending machine.

The GOP presidential primary candidate was asked to change a $1 bill with a boy at a Mexican restaurant in Denver. When Romney went through his wallet, he could only find $100 bills.

Most people would celebrate ONLY being able to find C-notes in their wallet. However, Romney is casting himself as a man of the people … someone who can empathize with the nation’s economic woes. Ha! The unemployed folks I know haven’t seen a real $100 bill in their own wallets since 1872.

Aside from being the polar opposite of an “everyday” working man, is Mitt Romney trying to get robbed?! Good lawd. Who carries around all $100 bills in the age of debit cards? Damn.

This $100 bill scenario comes on the heels of a statement he made in Florida last week telling a group of unemployed voters that he is also “unemployed.” WTF??? He has to have THEE shittiest empathy skills ever.

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