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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Mitt Romney Sends Nasty Leftover Pizza to Obama’s Campaign HQ

| On 27, May 2011

Here's the Chicago pizza delivery man that was sent by Mitt Romney to deliver leftover pizzas to the Obama campaign headquarters.

This is a WTF move if I’ve ever seen one!

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a stop in Chicago this week, which is also home to President Obama’s 2012 election headquarters. Romney and his team ordered a gang of pizzas, eat some, then send the LEFTOVERS to the Obama campaign offices. Then he tweeted about it!

Yes, you read correctly.

Mitt Romney sent President Obama’s team some pizza that they have raked over, breathed on, talked over, and put their potentially unwashed, stank, bacteria-filled hands all over. People think it was a prank, but Romney says he knew that the Obama headquarters were down the street and that they may want some pizza.

Really Mitt?

I’m assuming the three boxes of pizza were still whole pies. In any case, who would want that if they didn’t order it? Uggh… Just nasty!

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