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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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MSNBC Contributor Calls Pres Obama “A Dick…”

| On 30, Jun 2011

I always heard that it’s better to know up front if someone doesn’t like you than for them to hide it from you.

In President Obama’s case, he now knows exactly how Time magazine writer Mark Halperin feels about him. Halperin is also an MSNBC contributor and took a few moments to assess the president’s attitude during his Wednesday press conference at the White House.

He simply said he thought the Commander-In-Chief acted like “a dick.”

Well, there you have it.

MSNBC responded with swift action by suspending Halperin indefinitely from the airwaves. Both the network and Halperin issued statements condemning the language and apologizing to the president, the White House and viewers.

I will admit that the president took a “get tough” stance during the presser yesterday. But, it really takes some balls (pun intended) to call the man a dick on live national television. Lol…

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