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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Egyptians Rejoice as Mubarak Walks Away From Presidency

| On 11, Feb 2011

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak pensively decides where the boxes should go on his moving truck. He's outta Egypt!!

There’s a lot of reason for celebration in Egypt this evening. President Hosni Mubarak has officially stepped down as the ruler of the African nation.

When I tell you .. the people went CRAZY with joy as soon as they heard the news. The 200,000+ protesters began chanting, “We brought down the regime!” They high-fived, clapped, probably did cartwheels, praise dances, and “hit their Dougie” over that man walking away from his office.

It’s been a long road for Egypt since October 14, 1981 – the day that Mubarak assumed office. Egypt’s median age is 24, so much of the country wasn’t thought of when he assumed office. He’s all they’ve ever known. After 18 days of protest that started on January 25, the will of the people won out. They took down their ruler!

Way to go Egyptians! All 82 million of them get a big high-five from me…

The major question looming over the situation now is, “What’s next?” The vice president of Egypt announced that the military will take over in the short term until the elections in September. They will then elect a new leader, and TRUST ME, the world will be watching. The future of Middle East peace and American interests in that region lie with whomever assumes power.

In short, this shit is far from over!

Sidenote: As with every story of this magnitude, look for it over-analyzed in the American media. I caution you to watch your TV’s carefully because that coverage gets really annoying REALLY fast.

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