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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Must See Amateur Footage of Japanese Tsunami Striking

| On 14, Mar 2011

The above video is about as real as you can get to see an average person’s view of the tsunami hitting Japan on Friday afternoon. It was compiled by The Guardian in the U.K.

The footage in the beginning was shot just as the first waves struck Miyako in Iwate prefecture. Scary isn’t even the word for what was about to happen. The roadway, which sat strangely below the bay and blocked off by a concrete wall, was covered in seconds in pitch black water and crushing waves and debris already sucked into the tsunami.

As the video progresses, one can see other areas of Japan and the tsunami from their vantage point. It’s all a lot to take in because there are real people in these videos, some of whom didn’t know the waves were coming.

Damage, or even an experience on this scale, is beyond overwhelming for me. We have to continue to pray for Japan. Wow!

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